Ready to take more Control of your diet?

It starts (and ends) in the kitchen.

A little pre-planning can save your waistline and budget at the same time. Especially since the grocery store layout has been created in a way to get us to buy more. “Two-thirds of what we buy in the supermarket we had no intention of buying,” says Paco Underhill (Consumer Expert).

That’s why you’ll usually find flowers and bread at the front entrance (comforting scents), then produce (freshness means health as we walk in), and staples are all the way in the back (making you walk past all the other strategically placed items) so you end up spending more.

If you want to avoid impulse buys, then try ordering your groceries online for pickup. Out of sight, out of mind.

When YOU are the one preparing your food, you have more Control over what’s in it. We want you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. ENJOY. That means you should find ingredients that you like eating. Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat it. There are likely other alternatives that you can find.

This grocery checklist was created to help you shop with a purpose. Focusing on a healthy variety of items to help you reach your lifestyle goals.

When shopping and preparing meals try and focus on these 4 things:

  1. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
  2. Shoot to eat more whole grains.
  3. Vary your protein routine.
  4. Drink water instead of sugary drinks.

Before You Grocery Shop

We have formatted our printable Grocery List below to make it easier for you to hit your goals. You can choose if you’d prefer our suggested Grocery List or a blank one that you completely fill out yourself. Before you head to the store, take a look at a few of our tips and tricks.

Blank Grocery List
Pre-Filled Grocery List

How Can I Use My Groceries?

If you want some quick ideas of how to use your groceries, we have a little breakdown here.


  • Eggs: scrambled, hard boil, poach…the options are endless!
  • Beef: roast, grill, braise, make it into sauce or stew, saute it.
  • Chicken: grill it, roast it, add to soaps, store cooked in the fridge, and put on salads or in wraps.
  • Turkey: ground is a great lean option and replacement for ground beef (if that’s not your thing).


  • Spinach: salads and smoothies (it has a pretty neutral flavor if you’re scared it will ruin your sweetness)
  • Peas: great for stir fry meals, brighten up your soups/stews/casseroles, freeze for a different type of snack.
  • Carrots: snack, steam, or roast.
  • Broccoli: roast, steam, add to salads, or snack on raw.
  • Celery: precut these and make a quick easy snack.
  • Sweet Potatoes: roast, bake, or make healthier oven “fries”.


  • Sweet bell peppers: snack on ’em, stuff ’em with protein, chop them up, and brighten up your meal. They’re high in Vitamin C and so good for you!
  • Berries: snack on, add to salads, oatmeal, on toast with nut butter.
  • Apples: snack on or serve with nut butter of choice.
  • Bananas: add to smoothies, eat plain (hello potassium!), with nut butter, add to oatmeal or yogurt.


  • Sparkling water: a better alternative than soda but still gives you a little fizz.
  • Coconut water: great for hydration and better than sugar-filled “sports drinks”.

Note: Nothing beats plain water!

Whole Grains

  • Whole rye: can buy in flour form to make bread or prebaked. Great for sandwiches, toast, and the birds!
  • Brown rice: cook and serve with protein of choice, add to soups or salads.
  • Quinoa: cook and serve with protein of choice, add to soups or salads.
  • Whole grain wraps or tortillas: great staple to have for quick lunches, snacks, and dinners.


  • Extra virgin olive oil: great replacement for butter.
  • Coconut butter: stir into hot beverages, add to smoothies, drizzle over fruit, use as a spread.
  • Almonds: great and easy snack, and can top salads.
  • Pistachios: great and easy snack, and can top salads.

Pantry Staples

  • Whole oats: add to cookies, meatloaf, or eat them as is. They add bulk, richness, and nutrition.
  • Dry beans: these are healthier than canned beans but they do require a bit more work. Overnight or quick-soaking is recommended to reduce cooking time. Add to soups or round out a meal. When you go the dry bean route you have more control over the sodium and flavor.
  • Beef/chicken broth: great pantry staple, use for soup, or add flavors to rice/pasta/meat.
  • Whole wheat pasta: another great staple to have on hand for quick pasta dinners.

If you’re still looking to gain more control of your life, check out Control Craving Blocker. Not only is it an appetite suppressant, but it’s also a carb blocker. Pair Control with healthy eating (from your healthy grocery list) and regular exercise for the best results.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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