Soft lips can make or break your day. And there are A LOT of things that can affect your lips. 

Since back in the day, people have wanted to find ways to soothe their cracked and chapped lips. 

In the 1800s a woman named Lydia Maria Child wrote a book called “The American Frugal Housewife,” where she recommended that people use earwax 👂 to treat cracked lips. Did you hear that? E-a-r-w-a-x. `

Convenient? Yes. Disgusting? Yes? 

If you are looking for alternatives to using earwax for your dry lips, then hold tight because we will be going over everything you need to know to take care of your lips. 

Why Do Lips Get Chapped?

There are plenty of things that can cause chapped lips. 

Just like our bodies, our lips require some attention in the moisture department every now and then. Let’s look at the top culprits causing dry lips:

  • Licking your lips. Saliva contains digestive enzymes (like amylase and maltase) that can wear down the skin on the lips, making them vulnerable to dry air). Even though it adds moisture for a brief moment, it will dry them out faster. Keep your lip balm handy so when you have the urge to lick your lips you can just moisturize your lips with your lip balm.
  • Spicy or salty food. Though they are tasty, they can irritate your lips and cause inflammation. Plus, if your lips are already dry and cracked, spicy/salty foods will hurt when they touch your lips. Opt for non-citrus fruits and veggies instead. 
  • Cold, dry weather. Winter is coming and it brings dry lips. Chilly wind, lots of heat indoors, all mean dry lips and skin. Stay on top of it with lip balm and a good moisturizer. 
  • Sun damage. People often neglect their lips when they are applying SPF but your lips are quite vulnerable to sunburns. In fact, your lower lip is 12x more likely to be affected by skin issues than the top lip. Don’t forget to apply SPF to your kisser.
  • Certain medications. Certain medications will dry out your lips and mouth. Make sure to stay hydrated and keep your lip balm handy. 

And we can’t miss a big one: dehydration. When you are dehydrated, your lips are more likely to be dry. Even further, if you are not eating a proper diet or are malnourished, your nutrient deficiencies can come out in the form of drier skin and lips. Shoot for 8 glasses a day. But if you are exercising or in humid weather, you might need more.

What to Look for in a Lip Balm? (And What to Avoid).

The best lip balm will not cure dry lips. But it will provide much needed moisture. Dry lips are inevitable (remember the reasons we listed above?). But knowing how to take care of your lips is only part of the equation. Knowing what to look for in a lip balm is the other part.

Ingredients to avoid in a lip balm:

  • Camphor, phenol, or any sort of alcohol
  • Petrolatum
  • Dyes, fragrances, and other harsh chemicals
  • Parabens

Many of those ingredients tend to irritate the skin or can be potential endocrine disruptors.

Here’s what to look for in a lip balm: 

  • Natural ingredients
  • Not petroleum-based
  • Organic flavoring oils
  • Allergen free

Look for ingredients that help hold moisture without irritating the skin. Ingredients like Beeswax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E. 

Time for a Lip Renewal

Your lips deserve daily TLC. 

Some dermatologists recommend that you use lip balm right when you wake up, after eating or drinking, and right before you go to bed. That adds up.

Having a product that is used so often and is very likely to be licked or tasted, it’s important for it to have clean ingredients. And that’s what we had in mind when we created our Renew Lip Balm.

We made sure to use Beeswax as it’s a great antimicrobial and topical skin moisturizer and to use organic flavoring oils (like Mango Passionfruit and Raspberry Lemonade) to provide sweet hydration.

Give your lips some love and stock up on Renew Lip Balm (with seasonal flavors to choose from)!


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