We are doing a Transformation Challenge because we know that when you focus on key habits, you can transform your life.

Here’s the challenge:

What: It’s two parts. Stick to a consistent routine of exercise and healthy eating.

When: Starting NOW to August 22nd, 2021.

Why: To transform your life AND because we have prizes.


$1,000 Grand Prize


$500 Runner-Up Prize


$250 Third-Place Prize

Winners will be hand-picked based on overall transformation and participation. You can participate by posting with #WinkTransformation and tagging us @winknaturals so we can cheer you along! Both customers and Venture Members can enter for the chance to win!

To Qualify: You need to have an order of Power Plant Protein Powder (you can order that right here) on your account AND you need to send us a BEFORE picture via email (hello@winknaturals.com). In your picture, include a paper/sign in the BEFORE picture with the date so we know it’s from that date and not something you took previously! We’d love to hear what your plan is for exercise and healthy eating when you send that in.

At the End: We need an AFTER photo with a follow-up, so by August 23rd, 2021 (at the latest). In your AFTER photo, please include the date as well, so we know which day the picture was taken. 

Order now so you can get your protein in time!


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