Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while, especially tired parents.

What’s pampering, you ask? 

To pamper is to indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness: SPOIL. 

Pampering and self-care are closely related buuuuut still different. Self-care can be having time for a bath or going to run errands without your kids. I want to step.it.up for this post and talk about ways for mamas to pamper themselves (or great pampering gift ideas for someone else). 

Why Moms Should Get Pampered

Have you ever just wanted a reset button? Life is crazy, rollercoaster emotions, and the house is a wreck. Sometimes we need the ability to forget about life and just get lost in something.

Think of pampering yourself like it’s PTO (paid time off) from work. A recent study found that those who didn’t take their PTO were 23-27% less likely to receive a promotion and 78-84% less likely to receive a raise or bonus compared to those who take their time off. 

There are mental and physical benefits of taking time off. Things like improved sleep, better headspace (sounds heavenly), more clarity, more energy, a renewed sense of purpose, increased creativity, and an overall sense of happiness. 

Couldn’t mamas use some of those benefits? 

PTO or as I’m now going to call it, Pampered Time Off, for a busy mom doesn’t need to be a week vacation away from her kids. It can be a simple activity that gives her a little break from her day-to-day. 

Here are some pampering ideas. 

PTO Ideas for Mamas (Pampered Time Off)

  1. Get Your House Cleaned. Imagine a day where you are kicked out of your house. You take the kids out for a treat and head to the park to kill time. Instead of thinking about all of the things you need to do when you get home, you just enjoy the time out. And while you’re out, someone is cleaning your house! Like, scrubbing your bathrooms, and pulling the oven out to clean underneath (you’re not sure if you’ve ever done that). I’m not talking just vacuuming and wiping counters, I’m talking deep cleaning stuff that you know you should be doing, but you keep putting it off until you “have more time”. I would take this PTO any day. 
  2. Be Kid-Free So You Can Organize. Having someone offer to take the kids off your hands just so you can complete a project is huuuuuge. There’s something very satisfying about purging the toy room (the kids can’t be around for this because it would be meltdown central) or organizing your closet. Pretty much completing all of the projects that are left half-finished.
  3. A Hotel Stay Alone (all alone). This is pampering in style. Yes, this is not a cheap one but it could really be worth it. You’re not home, so you don’t worry about laundry or letting the dog out. It’s just you (all alone) in your hotel room. You can sleep, read, binge watch YOUR tv show, take a bath, knit, play Sudoku, eat your food without having to share it with anyone, and… you get my drift. By the end of your stay, you’ll likely be missing your fam and ready to get back to them (or maybe you’ll extend one more night). 
  4. Pedicure/Manicure. This one is (IMO) one of the easiest and most common ways to pamper mamas. Getting a gift card for a mom to get a mani/pedi is such an amazing gift, but if you want to take it up a notch, offer to watch the kids so mama doesn’t need to find a sitter. 
  5. A Nice Skin Care System. Here’s an easy way to help a mama feel more confident in her skin! She can start and end her day with a little self-care and pamper time. A 2017 survey of U.S. consumers found that 52% used skincare products every day and 6% never used skincare products. Those stats include men as well. But what I get from those stats is that lots of people don’t know what they’re missing out on! Great gift idea.
  6. Sleep. Moms are tired. The gift of sleep would bring tears to most mama’s eyes. There are lots of ways to help a mama get more rest. You can help her pick out a good sound machine or help her fall asleep faster with Adult Sleep Melts. Or you can come over and watch the kids while she gets her beauty rest!
  7. Clean Her Car. Or pay to get it detailed by a professional because it could be very disgusting. Fries, vomit, spilled drinks, putty, and trash, so much trash. Getting out of the car and making sure to get all of your kids out too is so much work that parents don’t have time to look for the fries that might have fallen. A clean car is a luxury!
  8. A Shopping Spree. Okay, hear me out. You don’t need to spend any money for mama to go on her shopping spree. Just help her figure out a way to go alone. Christmas shopping for your kids, with your kids, is a disaster. I’m just waiting for the store that offers daycare so parents can shop while their kids are playing!
  9. Food Delivery. DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, all of those food delivery options are great for a busy mom. A home-cooked meal is amazing too. Really, just food, in general, is so nice. Dinner on you means a break for mama. And she doesn’t even need to leave the house!
  10. Time. You might be seeing a theme here. But more than gifts or activities, moms could just use time. Time to sleep, time to shop, time to be alone, time to do something she loves, time to get something done, time to work. Finding a way to give a busy mom a little PTO is the best gift.

The Power of Pampering

Some of the best gifts don’t cost anything but time. 

Yes, pampering can mean a spa day and royal treatment but it can also mean letting mom sleep in or cleaning her car.

A little PTO for mom can leave her refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on mommin’. 

Moms spend most of their time taking care of everyone else, so let’s take time to pamper the moms we know and love (including ourselves)!

How will you use your Pampered Time Off?


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