When you think of flowers, what comes to mind? Roses, roses, roses. 🌹

Roses are considered the most popular flower in the world. This classic flower is over 35 million years old (according to fossil evidence), and is still looking as fresh as ever.

The genus Rosa has around 150 species spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. And though most people think of the classic Red Rose, you might be surprised to know that they come in all sorts of colors and styles. 

Surprising, huh? Roses are typically divided into three main categories: Wild Roses, Old Garden Roses, and Modern Garden Roses but they can further be subdivided according to hybrid and lineage.

Check out these other interesting rose facts. 

4 Random Rose Facts

  1. Rose Symbolism and Colors

Did you know that different color roses can symbolize very different things? Even the number of roses you choose can send a little message. 

🌹 Red Roses symbolize love and romance (and are very popular on Valentine’s Day).

🌹 Pink Roses symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy.

🌹 Orange Roses symbolize desire, fascination, enthusiasm, and energy.

🌹 Yellow Roses symbolize friendship, joy, and caring. (During Victorian times, the Yellow Rose meant jealousy 😬).

🌹 White Roses symbolize innocence, youthfulness, and purity. 

1️⃣  (One) rose symbolizes love at first sight.

2️⃣  (Two) roses symbolize shared and deep love. 

3️⃣  (Three) roses say, “I love you.”

6️⃣  (Six) roses say, “I want to be yours.”

7️⃣  (Seven) roses say, “I’m infatuated with you.”

9️⃣  (Nine) roses symbolize eternal love.

🔟  (Ten) roses say, “You’re perfect.”

2. Major Skin Benefits of Roses

Roses are an antioxidant powerhouse that helps to strengthen skin cells which can also help regenerate skin tissues. Antioxidants in roses neutralize free radicals, which means anti-aging benefits.

Roses are especially great for dry skin because they are packed with some amazing moisturizing properties that help balance the hydration in the skin. 

And since it helps balance out moisture, it can help control excess oil production.

Pretty amazing, huh?

3. Enhances Mood and Relieve Stress

Roses are known to calm and soothe the mind. A 2014 study looked at the physiological and psychological relaxing effects of simply viewing rose flowers in an office setting.

Common responses from the subjects that were exposed to the roses were, ‘comfortable,’ ‘relaxed,’ and ‘natural’ feelings. 

The saying, “stop and smell the roses,” brings on a whole new meaning when you know that just the smell of roses can soothe stress. 

4. You Can Eat Roses

Rose petals are edible and rose water (made from soaking the petals in water) is commonly added to jellies and jams, as well as a flavoring in Indian and Chinese dishes. 

Roses also grow a berry-shaped fruit called Rose Hips (can be orange, red, dark purple, or black). They are packed with Vitamin C and can be used in dried tea or cocktails. 

Sounds tasty. 

Let’s Rose To The Occasion

Keeping flowers alive can be a difficult task. But what if you could get all of the benefits of roses in a different form?

We thought we’d try and bottle up all the benefits of Roses in the form of our Rose & Shine Body Wash and our Rose & Glow Luxurious Body Cream.

This dynamic duo can help you to stop and smell the roses every single day.

Our gentle and natural formula is made with Rose extract to help soothe, relax, and hydrate. 

And these roses have no thorns. 

So, next time you’re needing a little “me” time, create your very own spa/garden day with Rose & Shine and Rose & Glow. 

Get cozy, and stay rosey.


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