Love is in the air! 

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you have a hot date with your spouse? Or do you make it a family affair and include the kids? Maybe you opt for a little Galentine’s? 

Either way, we’ve got love on the mind right now. So, we thought we’d talk about ways to spread the love.

Love Yourself (Self-Care To Be The Best Mama)

The best way to teach your kids is by example! And that includes how we show love to ourselves. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • How You Talk To Yourself. We all have endless streams of thoughts running through our minds. But whether they are positive or negative can make a big difference in our lives. Positive self-talk can lead to an increased life span, lower levels of distress, better psychological well-being, and so much more. And you might not realize it, but those inner thoughts have a way of creeping out into how you talk to others (including your kids). Think good thoughts and encourage your kiddos to do the same!
  • How You Take Care of Your Body. Do you find yourself hiding your soda cup from your kids? Or sneaking chocolate while hiding from your family? *Guilty*! You might not even realize how much you snack until you have a toddler sidekick begging for “some”. And, hey, no shaming here, we all should enjoy our favorite treats, but everything in moderation, right? Nothing crazy, a little exercise and a healthy diet (don’t forget vitamins!) can show lots of love to your mom bod. 
  • How You Hobby. There’s nothing like a good hobby to enjoy your very limited free time but hobbies can provide more than just a good time. Studies have found that some hobbies can reduce anxiety (yoga, writing, gardening, and more). And you might have fun letting your kids join in with you.
  • How You Focus On You (Me Time). As a mama, alone time is rare. But everyone can benefit from solitude. Time to reboot your brain, unwind, improve concentration, increase productivity, and it’s a great time for discovery. 

Love Your Family 

When you’re lovin’ yo’self it’s only natural that you will be able to love on your family. A fun activity to try with your fam is having everyone take the 5 Love Languages quiz. Here’s a link to it. There are quizzes for kids, teens, couples, and singles!

Each member of your family is unique and that includes how they need to be loved. Let’s talk love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation. Talk that talk to me! Words>Actions. If you have someone in your family whose language is words of affirmation, then giving them compliments will mean the world to them. And of course, telling them you love them. 
  • Acts of Service. Actions>Words. This might be bold to say, but when you become a mama, acts of service become SO important. When your spouse lets you sleep in, your kids do the dishes, or someone volunteers to babysit, you might get a little tear in your eye :). 
  • Receiving Gifts. Don’t we all love getting a surprise gift? This gift is more than just spending $$ on a material item. It’s all about love, thoughtfulness, and most of all, the effort behind the gift. 
  • Quality Time. This is UNDIVIDED attention. With technology today, quality time might be harder to achieve. Put down those screens, turn the music down low, and try and put your focus on whoever you’re with.
  • Physical Touch. This doesn’t mean the person is super touchy. Physical touch fosters a sense of security and belonging. Some great examples include hugs, pats on the backs, holding hands, and touches on the arm, shoulder, face, etc. 

When it comes to brand new babies, you can just assume that their love language is either physical touch or quality time. 

Love For Others

Want a quick happiness boost? Serve someone. Volunteering your time, money, or energy, not only makes the world better, it makes you better! Fact

The funny thing about helping people is how easy it is to talk yourself out of it. Also, if you ask someone what they need, most of the time people will say they are fine. But nobody is always fine. 

If you have a desire to help someone, just do it! Drop by to say hi. Volunteer to take the kids so they can have some time for themselves. Cook a meal for a brand new mom. Buy that gift you know your friend will love. You won’t regret it.

Now that you have all the feels, spread some love this Valentine’s Day and every day after that!


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