“Mom hacks”… there are none! Just kidding, as busy moms we can all use a little help and believe it or not there are some tricks that might make your life easier. 

But before we get into the hacks, let’s just take a second and appreciate how uhhhmazing moms are with these mama facts.

And that’s a fact:

  • A mama will spend around 1800 hours breastfeeding in a year. A 40-hour workweek with 3 weeks of vacation comes to about 1,960 hours. SOO, you are no longer exaggerating when you say breastfeeding is literally a full-time JOB!
  • 88% of the laundry is done by mamas. We are talking 330 loads of laundry and over 5,000 articles of clothing A YEAR.
  • Mamas typically take around 2 minutes and 5 seconds to change a diaper (that’s 3 40-hour weeks a year) compared to dads that take an average of 1 minute and 36 seconds. Sounds like us gals need to step it up!
  • Mrs. Feodor Vassilyev of Russia is known as the mom to give birth to the most children, which is 69. 🤯
  • The heaviest baby ever to be born weighed 22lbs and 8 oz. It happened in Italy in 1955 and the mama was Carmelina Fedele.
  • Your brain changes during pregnancy and up to two years after birth. This change is shown to help with the mother-child connection. 
  • Your baby can smell you within a few meters, and your smell alone can calm their cries within seconds. 
  • A pregnant woman’s feet can grow an entire shoe size. 😲

The facts don’t lie, moms are strong, work hard, and can do just about anything they set their mind to. But we could still use a little help now and then…

Lifesaving hacks:

  • Have more than one kid close in age/size? Find a cute pair of socks (gender-neutral if needed) and use them for all your kids. Laundry will become so much easier!
  • Speaking of socks. How many mismatched pairs do you have? Use a mesh garment bag to wash all socks (including yours)! No more sock gnome to steal your socks!
  • Buy kids clothes with a specific color scheme so you don’t have to stress about tops and bottoms matching (because they all will)!
  • Pick out clothes for the week on Sunday so all you have to do is grab the pile and go. Want to take it a step further? Have your kids sleep in the clothes they will wear the next day! This probably makes more sense for younger kids.  
  • Try grocery pick-up or delivery. You might need to pay a fee for these things but you will save your sanity in meltdowns and save your money with no impulse buying!
  • If you’re doing grocery pick-up, you have to do some planning ahead of time which can help with our next hack: meal prep! Whether you’re a working mom or stay at home mom, dinner time usually lines up with witching hour for the kiddos. If you can find time to prep meals ahead of time (think crockpot meals or other styles) dinner time might be as easy as taking the lid off your crockpot!
  • Want your toddlers to play with certain toys and eat certain snacks? Store them within reach for them. Trust me, they will find them! If you don’t want something messed with, HIDE IT, preferably up high. Set up your environment in this way BEFORE your baby starts walking.
  • Less is more! Kids are more creative then we give them credit. They don’t need all those toys to have fun. Decluttering can be a stress relief for both you and your child. Less clean up for you and fewer options for your child. If you don’t want to donate or trash the toys, just hide them and rotate the toys to keep things fresh!
  • Create routines. YESSSS, this is a hack! It will make your life so much easier when your child can HELP you get things done. If they are used to doing the same thing at the same time every day, it might run more smoothly.
  • Put down your phone. Stop doing the dishes. Quit folding clothes. If your child is building up an epic meltdown and you are just trying to finish a chore, just stop and go play. Crisis averted!

We’ve just seen the FACTS, mamas can do anything! But why not make life a little bit easier with some hacks?

Help a mama out, share your best mom hacks in the comments!



  1. These are some pretty great ideas…and those babies! 22lbs?! Kudos to that Momma (Momma Mia🤐). I love the idea of meal prepping, yet it seems so costly and time consuming. Any way to do this in a very limited budget?

    1. Meal prepping can seem overwhelming at first but I do think it can be done on a limited budget! Here are my suggestions to meal prep on a budget (maybe I’ll do a blog on this as well): create a meal plan based on current sales at the grocery store (ex: ground beef 50% off), order online so you know exactly what you’re spending and don’t go over your budget, and my last suggestion is to look at your pantry/fridge and try to meal prep only using what you have. Get creative. I hope this helps!

  2. Idk if its a hack, but when we were searching for a tv stand. We went with a low level one with drawers to hide toys in so our daughter didn’t have to always play in her bedroom. It really helps keep the clutter hidden!

  3. I like to prep my toddler snacks in a 6-ct muffin tin and have it in the fridge so when they need snacks they have options right there. It helps stop meltdowns and really easy for them to help themselves

    1. I love this idea! I need to do that for my toddler. He is always looking for goodies in the fridge 🙂 And you can make them healthy too.

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