Do you ever see a mama and wonder how she does it? Whether you’re a brand new mom or a seasoned mama, we can all learn a thing or two from seeing the day-to-day of another parent.

In our new series, It Takes A Village, we will look into the lives of parents and see just how they do it.

Our first mama is Ashley Bass. Here’s a peek into her daily life:

Name: Ashley

Kids: 2 1/2 kids (ages 3, 5, & 6 months pregnant)

Extra Info: Work from Home Mama & Blogger

6:55 am. – Alarm goes off and I frantically fling over to snooze it, checking the monitor while desperately hoping my kids are still asleep.

7:30 am. – My 5-year-old climbs into bed with me for wake-up snuggles. He usually accidentally elbows me in my big round belly, then makes up for it by “saying good morning” to the baby inside. We go open my 3-year-old’s door (fingers crossed that I don’t smell anything coming from his pull-up.)

7:40 am. – The boys eat breakfast and argue over whose turn it is to choose their morning cartoon. I head back upstairs wishing I could drink more caffeine. I try to smuggle a banana for breakfast before my 3-year-old sees it and cons me out of it (which happens 9 times out of 10.)

7:45 am. – I start my morning anti-anxiety routine: read my devotional, take my Wink Prenatal Vitamin, dab on some essential oil, do 20 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill, then reach for my Zen Drops during my cool down (this stuff has totally saved me during struggles with pregnancy and postpartum anxiety.) The kids then loudly fumble upstairs pretending to be whatever cartoon character/superhero they’ve identified with for the morning.

8:30 am. – Me and the kids spend a good hour playing legos, dinosaurs, cars, or “video games” (because for some reason they’ve recently decided that they are Super Mario and Mega Man and I’m supposed to direct them using a toy remote controller and make all the sound effects.)

9:30 am. – We attempt some form of VERY informal “home preschool” which usually includes coloring, crafts, a nature walk, sight words, or “science” (aka I put down a tablecloth and we mix baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and anything else I can spare from the baking cabinet.) Otherwise, we try to meet up for a playdate where me and the other mom play rounds of “who can finish a sentence without having to stop to correct a child’s behavior or be interrupted by a ‘super important’ question.”

Mom with son in sunflower field

10:30 am. – Snack time! The boys choose a granola bar or crackers, I try to sneak some trail mix (which they end up stealing) and then they wrestle around the living room until someone ends up crying from a “bonk.” I send the other brother to grab the Wink Clay Pack from the freezer while I cuddle the “injured” boy until it’s all better. Suddenly we are back to playing as if nothing happened at all.

11:30 am. – I toss some lunch in the air fryer or toaster oven, then think up some creative bribery to get them into the bathtub (hint: it’s usually dumping in action figures, mega blocks, or some other waterproof toy.) I scrub their hair with Wink Foaming Oil Bath Wash, then have them stand up. I squirt a half-pump into each hand so they can clean their bodies while pretending to be monkeys (so that they get their underarms and bottoms clean!) We dry off and finish up with a pump of Llama Lotion, which they call “llama lowsh.” 

12:00 pm. – The kids eat a healthy, well-balanced lunch. I meanwhile raid the cabinets for something substantial to eat, telling myself that I’m pregnant and should probably eat more than a bowl of cereal for lunch…again. I munch on something while repeatedly reminding the kids to go back to their chairs until they are done eating and convincing them to eat the veggies too. Most days I try to thaw some meat or start the crockpot around this time.

1:00 pm. – Quiet Play Time starts. I start a 1-hour timer for the boys to play in their rooms and crash on my bed for a few minutes before I start working, sometimes reaching for another few drops of Zen. 

2:00 pm. – Nana keeps the kids busy for 3 hours twice a week so I can work. I attempt to focus on writing, editing, and whatnot for my mom blog so we can pay the bills, all while attempting to tune out my LOUD children who are having a blast downstairs.

Working Mom With Kids

5:00 pm. – I finish up working and come out to all. the. stories. about what my kiddos have been up to. I listen intently while also multi-tasking by cleaning up and finishing dinner.

5:30 pm – Daddy comes home from medical school and wrestles with the kids until dinner is ready.

6:00 pm – We sit down to dinner and TRY to teach some table manners as the boys excitedly recap our day to Dad, usually while accidentally spitting chewed-up green beans and standing in a chair because this story NEEDS visuals and sound effects.

6:30 pm – We clean up dinner, washing dishes and wiping counters with our Wink The One Multi-Cleaner. That fantastic smell somehow makes scraping food bits sooo much more tolerable.  

7:00 pm – We head upstairs and the kids squeeze in a bit more playtime while my husband and I set up their bedrooms for bedtime and put some Wink Super Smiles Toothpaste on their toothbrushes.

7:30 pm – The kids brush their teeth, put on pajamas, and each choose a library book to read (spoiler alert: it’s the exact same two books every single night for a least a week at a time.)

8:00 pm – The children’s doors close. Me and my husband collapse on the bed before recapping our day, then decide what to binge watch for an hour. Our 5-year-old usually sneaks out and catches us snacking on something sweet. He cons us into a bite, then we send him to bed again.

10:00 pm – We crash for the night, usually while half-consciously outlining the agenda for tomorrow when we will get up and choose to joyfully do it all over again.

Thanks to Ashley for sharing her day with us.

We would love to hear how YOU handle your day-to-day. If you’re interested in being featured on our, It Takes A Village Series, email for more info.


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