COVID-19 has rocked all of our worlds. It’s safe to say that our lives will forever be changed. In our busy lives of dropping off kids, running errands, household chores, and work; it’s hard to find time to relax.

Coronavirus has forced us to slow down. We have the opportunity to spend time with our families. We have the opportunity to give to those in need. And we have the opportunity to be positive! 

Now with that being said, it doesn’t make having the kids home 24/7 any easier, so we want to give you a few activities that will help you pass the time (and hopefully wear those kids out).

For Parents and Teens:

  1. Have a Game Night. Wait, what? Let me clarify and say that it’s a virtual game night. Have you heard of Ellen Degeneres’ game Psych!? Are you witty? Are you good at making up fake facts or fake movie plots? That’s only a little bit of the fun of this game. Send out a group text and invite people to download the APP. Whoever starts the game will get a code to share with everyone else and then you can all play against each other from the comfort of your quarantined homes. It’s a blast!
  2. Finish That One Project. You know what I’m talking about. The pictures you’ve been meaning to hang. That thing in the garage that needs to be put away. Or your overflowing closet that needs to be Marie Kondo’d. Put the kids to bed and get to it!
  3. Finish Your Taxes. Even though the deadline has been moved to Wednesday, July 15th. Take this opportunity to finish them now. If you’re getting a refund, you’ll get that money back sooner rather than later.
  4. Meditate. You probably need this after chasing your kids around all day. This is also known as a nap :).

For Younger Kids:

  1. Play Time. Are your kids missing recess? Well, let them have it! Send them out to the backyard for recess. 
  2. Cosmic Kids Yoga. Want your kids to be stronger, calmer, and wiser? Then gather up your kids and get ready for some yoga
  3. Fun Printables. Check out our free printables, from green bingo to coloring to a word search. 
  4. Scavenger Hunt: Get them in the mood for Easter :).  Let the kids take turns being in charge of hiding things! If you’re feeling crazy, offer prizes.

For Toddlers:

  1. Horseplay. Did your mom ever yell at your dad to stop horseplaying with the kids at night right before bed? Turns out, a little horseplay is good for kids. It can help the bond between parent and child, helps with children’s behavioral problems, and can boost the child’s confidence. And let’s be real, toddlers just love it!
  2. Water Fun. Does anyone else’s toddler try to flood the bathroom Playing with water can help with coordination, creativity, and imagination. If the weather behaves, let them go in the backyard and turn on the hose. Maybe some supervised fun in the sink? Or a good ole bath!
  3. Box play. Ordering a lot online? Save your boxes and let your kids have a ball! Build forts, hide toys in them, stack them up and knock them down. The opportunities are endless.
  4. Potty Train! JK. You should wait until your child is ready BUT since you’re indoors anyways, maybe you spend more time talking about the potty. Print out charts or games for them to start looking at. Pull-ups has tons of great resources

Don’t forget to text and call your friends. This quarantine thing is new to all of us and is showing us a different kind of loneliness. 

And one last thing, if you find yourself getting stir-crazy, then make a good music playlist, hop in the car, and go for a drive! Stay healthy!


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