Do you ever picture the “perfect” version of yourself? You know, the one who wakes up early and makes breakfast for the family, but only after she’s worked out, showered, and gotten ready. She’s also extremely patient and fun. 

According to Susan Albers, PsyD, “Both men and women experience stress, no question. But women often experience stress on a deeper level and place more internal pressure on themselves.”

What if, instead of picturing perfection, we strived for better (and more realistic) daily habits?

8 Habits of a Happy Woman

1️⃣  She Eats Healthy (Most of the Time). This means you try and get your fruits and veggies in, but you also make some time for an occasional cookie or donut 😛. And don’t forget about having a good multivitamin to ensure you get all the essential vitamins and minerals.

2️⃣  She Makes Time To Exercise. Making time to move your body can do wonders for your health, energy levels, and mood. Find something active that you love and do it often.

3️⃣  She Understands the Value of Alone Time. This could be in the form of meditation, exercising, or just some time away on your own. Alone time allows time for reflection and rejuvenation.

4️⃣  She Schedules Self-Care. Getting your nails done, exercising, sticking to a skincare routine…these are all great forms of self-care, but also just great ways to take care of yourself. Stick to your self-care schedule!

5️⃣  She Knows How to Say ‘No’. Saying no to others often means saying yes to ourselves. If you know something overwhelms you, or you just aren’t interested in doing it, You can say no and still be a good person!

6️⃣  She Has Hobbies. What is something you loved doing as a child? Why’d you stop doing it? We all get busy, but having hobbies can activate different areas of your brain. Drawing, writing, crafting, pick your hobby!

7️⃣  She Practices Gratitude. Giving thanks can make you happier and improve your mental health. That sounds like success!

8️⃣  She Connects With Others. Studies have found that connecting with others helps increase self-esteem, increases our empathy for others, as well as trust. A girl’s night out can do wonders for the soul.

3 Habits A Happy Woman Avoids

1️⃣  She Avoids Stress. Um, duh! Haha, yes, yes this is an obvious one. It’s important to point this one out because women tend to absorb other people’s stress. Empathy is an amazing thing but sometimes we focus so much on solving or soothing others that it can take a toll on us. We also get so busy trying to solve their problems, that we forget to actually listen. Set boundaries and figure out what works best for you.

2️⃣  She Doesn’t Do It All. Cooking, cleaning, working. You’re busy. Write down all the things you need to do daily and then ask your spouse, friend, kids, and family members for help. Older kids can do dishes or help with dinner. Younger kids can clean up their toys and that’s probably all :). Also, look for easy ways to save time. Grocery pick-up anyone? What about automatic bill-pay?

3️⃣  She Doesn’t Set The Bar Too High. You know that “perfect” version of yourself that you picture? Well, take it down a couple of notches ;). Maybe picture your house a little messy, your kids a little grumpier, and accept the fact that you wear yoga pants more than you’d like to admit. 

Building Daily Habits For A More Energetic Life

Happiness and energy enjoy a pretty symbiotic relationship. When you feel energetic, you tend to feel better about yourself. 

The way we act has a major influence on how we feel. So, it’s time to act energetically! It’s a fact that the faster we move, the more our metabolism speeds up (another bonus). 

The days where you sit and binge-watch Netflix all day might be what you think you want until you feel like a zombie. 

A happy life is something you build and building takes some work. Creating daily habits to help you be your best self will put things on autopilot. 

And before you know it, you’ll be that “perfect(ish)” version of yourself you’ve been dreaming about.

What habits will you be working on?

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