Looking for some fun activities to do while you’re stuck inside? We have a quick list of 4 ideas. Please share in the comments if you have any more!

  1. Build a Fort (Use pillows, blankets, boxes, whatever!)

2. Get Creative with Those Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls

3. Give Your Kids A Job

Like this dad above. He’s practically a genius. He was coming off a 12-hour shift and figured he could catch some ZzZZz’s while occupying his kids. He gave them a little contest, whoever could draw him the best would win some chocolate.

4. Have a Zen day. Tell your kids that it’s Zen Day. Designate a time period and section off a part of your house. Have an area for a “silent retreat”. Set up bean bags and books and let the kids go in there for quiet time. Set a timer so they know when they are done (you can vary the time by age). Then the next part will be a massage station. Mom can lay on the ground and let her little helpers give her a nice back rub. Then you can end things with a spa day (paint nails, bath time, face masks, dim lights).

Have fun!


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