It’s Wink’s birthday and we’re ready to celebrate all.week.long.

Tomorrow (February 2nd, 2021) we will be 6 years old!

Though we were born in a basement, we grew fast and furious and have had to move a few times until we found our latest HQ in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Young girl packing Wink Natural boxes
Packing orders from the garage. It was a family affair!

Here’s A Little Tid Bit About Us (Wink Naturals)

We like going au naturale. Natural products that is.

We aim to simplify and improve lives with our natural and drug-free products (that are SAFE and EFFECTIVE). 

We have very high standards….you’ll never catch us using filler ingredients in our products, only the best/most effective ingredients. 

We have hit lots of growth spurts and amazing milestones in our young 6 years, but we are not slowing down anytime soon. 

Wink Naturals Sample Letters Being Signed By CEO
Sample letters going out to customers. Signed by CEO and Co-Founder Danny Villarreal.

Here’s A Look At How We’ve Grown Over the Years

We’ve had name changes (our first name was The Natural Sleep Co.) and lots of label changes on most of our products. But our mission has remained the same: to impact, strengthen, and protect families. 

Take a look at our product launches over the years:

Newborn/Infancy Year

  1. Chest Rub Feb 2015
  2. Kids Sleep Melts Feb 2015
  3. Kids Sleep Drops Sept 2015
Wink Naturals Liquid Sleep Drops On the Shipping Rack
Sleep Drops Launch! These were the first ones coming off the production line.

Baby (Year 1)

  1. Adult Sleep Melts May 2016
  2. Cool Gums Dec 2016

Terrific Two’s (Year 2)

  1. Zen Drops Mar 2017
  2. Bum Balm June 2017
  3. Llama Lotion Aug 2017

Toddler Time (Year 3)

  1. Venture Program Launched Feb 2018
  2. Foaming Oil Bath Wash March 2018
  3. Biotic June 2018
  4. Prenatal Sep 2018
  5. Immune Oct 2018
  6. Cough Nov 2018

Fourtifying (Year 4)

  1. Energy April 2019
  2. Skin Care System June 2019
  3. Women’s Daily Oct 2019
  4. Comfort Patch Nov 2019
  5. Super Smiles Nov 2019

Not So Little Anymore (Year 5)

  1. Kids Multi Jan 2020
  2. Protect & Whiten Feb 2020
  3. Hand Sanitizer May 2020
  4. Boost May 2020
  5. The ONE Oct 2020
  6. Rose & Shine Oct 2020
  7. Multi-Collagen Dec 2020
  8. Rose & Glow Intro Dec 2020

Big Kid! (Year 6)

  1. Control Feb 2021
  2. And lots more to come!

To Wink (Naturals) and Beyond

With over 20 products, 5,000 Venture Members, and hundreds of thousands of customers, we are excited to continue to impact, strengthen, and protect families. 

Our product line has grown from baby products to mama products (skincare, self-care) to sleep products and more. 

Curious about what we are working on next? You’ll have to stay tuned. Let’s see if we can launch more products than last year 😲.

And P.S. Make sure you’re following @WinkNaturals on IG as we will be doing giveaways all week! 

Let’s Party!



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